Pros and cons of being waiter

I really believe waiting tables, and service industry jobs in general, make you a better person.

Judy Greer

Being a waiter is one of the most sought-after jobs that offer an opportunity to almost anyone, regardless of experience, to earn good money. For most people, it is only a stepping stone to a better future, while others have made it their career. Here you can find general waiter job description. Like any other job, it has its pros and cons. If you want to give this kind of job a shot, keep reading to find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of becoming a waiter.


Let’s start with the positive aspects of waitressing! It is a common opinion that waiting is difficult and exhausting, but there is little talk about the positive aspects of this job. Before you give up applying for a job that contains the word waiter, take a look at the following benefits that will surely change your mind.


Tips are a big part of a waiter’s salary. People know how to be very generous and grateful for good service, and they show it with tips. The tip amount depends on the economic circumstances of the country in which you work, the quality of service, and the guests’ habits. It is not uncommon for your tips to end up equaling your salary. Keep in mind that it depends on the amount of effort you put in and the kindness you show to your customers! If you are interested in earning more waiter tips click here.

No formal education is needed

Waitering is a great first job because it does not require any higher education. It is an opportunity for many to find a job without a college degree. If you find yourself working as a waiter, there are various additional seminars and courses that can help you deal with the hardships and progress in the hospitality industry. Working as a waiter will help you get a bigger picture of the business and gain a set of useful skills that can one day be applied in other jobs. Regardless of the fact that you do not need a formal education to be a waiter, many have fulfilled their dreams while doing so! 

Waiter job disadventages

Possible exchange of shifts

As a waiter, you have the opportunity to swap shifts with colleagues. This is particularly helpful when you have an important doctor’s appointment or a family commitment that you can’t postpone. Life happens when we least expect it to, and it is useful to be able to shuffle things around. Office work binds you to fixed shifts, whereas waiting gives you better control over your working hours. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Working with people

Yes, this is a positive thing about waiting, bear with me here. Communication skills are a staple of every job ad. Waiting will help you hone yourself and take your communication skills to the next level. The nature of the job is to work with as well as meet new and different people. Communication skills are transferable skills you learn after working as a waiter. 

Plus, the people you work with can make your job more meaningful and easier. Waiting gives you the opportunity to make friends for life. In addition to colleagues, you will meet different customers from whom you can learn a lot about people and life from many different perspectives, broadening your world views. Here you can find some tips on how to make friends at work.

Waiter job benefits


Now, what about the downsides of the job? When thinking about applying for a job as a  waiter, it’s good to make a list of pros and cons. 

But beware – keep your personal goal in mind! Sometimes, we get so carried away with the negatives that we forget that every job has its purpose and can be meaningful. That depends on our approach. Regardless, every problem has a solution, so before you decide for or against it, write down your personal goal and think about how this job can help you accomplish it.

Working on weekends and holidays

When you work as a waiter, it’s normal to work mostly on weekends and holidays. At those times, most people go out so there is always a lot of work for a waiter. During these periods, it is almost impossible to get a day off

But look at it from the positive side – it’s a great opportunity to make more money and potentially get closer to your personal goal (that you noted down in the step before). Also, people are more generous during holidays and weekends so tips won’t be bad either!

Deal with difficult customers

Stress and burnout are common among hospitality workers, especially as they work with discerning customers. Working in the service industry, you will find yourself in difficult situations that will require more effort and adjustment. One such situation is dealing with difficult customers. You will meet difficult people who are very mean or have a negative attitude towards you. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay cool, and customers can often get on your last nerve. Although challenging, situations like these can help you develop your communication skills, like communicating assertively and being patient. 

Skills such as active listening, problem-solving, and communication are the characteristics of a great waiter, but also a person in general. Waiting is a great training ground for practising soft skills and the experience will make you mentally stronger. You always have a smile left as a universal weapon against negative people. It doesn’t help them, but it helps you! Keep smiling.

Pros and cons of being waiter

Why is waitressing stressful?

Waiting is not an easy job, moreover, it is one of the most stressful jobs out there. Research has shown that waitressing is more stressful than the medical profession. In addition to the mentioned negative sides, stress is also increased by health problems at work. 

If you have been working in the industry for a long time, it is very likely that you will have problems with your back and knees due to carrying heavy trays and constant standing. Long shifts, hectic work patterns, and insufficient sleep will negatively affect your health. Don’t forget about a healthy diet, good sleep, and relaxation exercises.

Furthermore, one of the stressors is night work. This is especially difficult if you are not a nocturnal type and if your biorhythm is disturbed. I repeat the importance of sleep is key to a job like this. Lazy colleagues, long shifts, frequent changes at the workplace can also affect elevated stress levels.

What about the future?

The future of waiters can be quite uncertain, especially in times of crisis and pandemics. A large number of restaurants and cafes around the world have temporarily closed. However, brighter times are ahead of us! More and more facilities are reopening their doors and looking for new workers. Maybe it’s you!

Waiting is not a piece of cake. No job is. Like everything in life, it has its positive and negative sides, but one thing is for sure – it provides a chance for good earnings and advancement. Of course, provided you work hard and learn to accept all aspects of this job. 

For many, this is a springboard to adopt work habits and achieve their goals while for others it is a career. Either way, it is a valuable life experience that can make you a better and more grateful person.

And don’t forget, there is no greater happiness than a waiter who comes with an order! Maybe the tip is!

Waiter job adventages

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