Waiter tips

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

William Arthur Ward

Tips are one of the most attractive parts of the hospitality business industry. With them, you can significantly increase your budget. Keep reading if you want to know more about how to get more tips.

A smile matters

One study found smiling a large, open-mouth smile produced tips 140% larger than a small, closed-mouth smile did. Smile until it hurts! Greet your guests with a wide smile on your face to create a pleasant atmosphere that they will remember for a long time and reward appropriately.

Of course, it’s not always easy to smile, especially when confronted with a difficult customer. However, don’t let that discourage you – keep a cool head and a smile on your face no matter what. Fake it ’til you make it.

Customers are not the only ones who benefit from your smile, you do too! Laughter reduces depression and acts as a painkiller, all thanks to chemical reactions. The next time you find it hard to laugh for others, do it for yourself. Your pocket will be grateful!

Be kind and calm

Imagine that you are a guest who took friends or family to a restaurant. You want your stay in the restaurant to be pleasant and relaxing. The staff plays a key role in this, so be kind and calm in every situation. Make your guests feel welcome and at home.

Good vibes only! Make sure to maintain good relationships with colleagues, especially in public, and nicely present everything the restaurant has to offer.

Humans are social beings and love to be heard. Before leaving, wish your guests a pleasant rest of the day. Research has shown how a simple sentence like “The weather is supposed to be really good tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the day! ” increases the voltage from 18.7% to 22.2%.  At the end of the day, be kind and take care of your customers, people will appreciate it, guaranteed!

How to make more tips as water

Be different

No one can be you, but you! Develop personally, get to know your talents and strengths, and develop them as you work. There are a lot of good waitresses, but only a few great ones. If you are unique and different, people will take notice, and it makes for a good conversation starter, too!

If you are a naturally enthusiastic person, pass it on to your guests. Introduce them to the menu in your own, unique way. Intrigue them with the story and offer them a new combination that will knock them off of their feet!

The little things matter! Most waitresses don’t have time or don’t see small things at all about their guests.

Be entertaining, tell a joke or two! Watch the guest’s body language, those who are open to it – give them a different experience with humour – a common link between us all. A little joke never killed anyone!

Waiter tips

Be quick with serving

Dear God, there is nothing worse than a slow waitress. Right? You don’t need to be Lewis Hamilton with trays, but pay attention to how long guests wait for an order. People are sensitive to waiting, as evidenced by the bad tips that the slow waitresses get.

If you have too many orders or something is missing, kindly inform your guests about it and apologize to them. If they are kindly acquainted with the situation, they will surely accept it better, which will reduce the nervousness of everyone around them.

The golden rule in catering is that guests come first. Unfortunately, patience is not their strong suit. To avoid negative experiences, properly organize your orders and the time required for them. Organizing is the key! Put on your running shoes because that is what you are there for!

The dress (doesn’t) make a waitress

The uniform is an important part, not only of you but also of the image of the restaurant where you work. A good uniform should be appropriate and preferably tailored to you, which signals that the person is clean and tidy. People love to see a well-put-up waitress.

Wear something unusual, but still appropriate to the place you are working at. You can use it to emphasize your personality at the same time. Cheerful ties, bows, hair ornaments are just some of the details that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Don’t underestimate the power of makeup! A study in France showed that 50% more men left tips if the waitress wore makeup, and the average amount of the tip was 26% higher. Of course, be careful – use makeup suitable for the place where you work.

Tips are one of the biggest benefits of waiting and a great way to make more money. The good news is that they mostly depend on your effort. Applying the above tips will help you fill your tip jar to the top. If you’re ready to try out a job as a waitress, Velju offers you a great deal of options. Put on your biggest smile and go get some money! Good luck!

The dress doesn't make waiter

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