About Velju

Velju is a unique labour marketplace that connects job hunters with those looking for extra help. We believe that – hiring and finding a job can be easy.

The market is full of different job opportunities, but employers can not find valuable workers and vice versa. 

And that is how the story and the initial idea of Velju began.

As an employer, Velju allows you to completely control the hiring process, and save time and money. At any time you can access your Velju profile, either from your phone or laptop and access a personalized list of qualified candidates.

As a job seeker, all you need to do is create your Velju profile and fill it with your details, and watch as the work request notifications roll in.

What inspired us to create Velju – employment platform?

Imagine a luxury hotel in the most popular tourist destination not accepting bookings because no one is available to clean the rooms, prepare the meals, do the maintenance, etc.

This exact scenario happened at the end of 2019 and is still a reality for many business owners.

The market is full of different job opportunities, but employers can not find valuable workers.


Who is behind Velju?

Back at the end of 2019, some of the top Austrian and Swiss hotels were desperately looking for more waiters and other hotel personnel. Thus, they kept asking Kristina to recommend to them valuable workers.

Kristina gladly recommended some workers, but as a business professional with vast experience, she couldn’t help but ask herself: why employers can’t find workers. From that point, she emersed herself in market research and investigated demand and necessity in this sector. Kristina’s origin is from Croatia, so she took some time to find out more about the job market in the Balkans and then whole Europe. Research results were not surprising – all known job platforms are full of jobs for waiters, drivers, nurses and many incredible important jobs for the smooth running of the economy and society. On the other hand, Kristina noticed so many valuable workers are ready to work.

Many waiters are ready to bring you your cappuccino. Many wonderful and educated nurses are out there ready to lend you a helping hand and a warm heart. Many drivers are ready to get you your parcel within time.
But, there seemed to be a huge gap. 

Why they can’t find each other?
We all need these people in our lives.
They need jobs.
Employers need them.

And all have one in common: they are valuable (Velju-able).

Why is Velju different from other employment platforms?

Unlike other employment platforms, Velju is cost-free. Workers do not get charged at any point. Employers get charged 5 credits (around 5 euros) only when they get in contact with their potential employee. For businesses, using Velju is far more profitable than hiring agencies.

Moreover, Velju is a worker-centric platform. Once when they create a Velju profile, they can add new skills on the go and focus on improving their skills, knowledge and getting new experience rather than endlessly searching for jobs. On the other hand, employers get a chance to segment employees based on their qualifications and contact only those who are a perfect match for the position. This way, Velju helps both employers and workers save their time and focus on what is most important to them.

If you’re struggling to find a job do not despair. Scrolling the internet, writing CVs, taking tests, filling out job interview templates, requesting references and many others documents is exhausting – almost a full-time job. With Velju, you can focus on what matters to you and still be available for work. Most importantly, you get to choose how you want to enjoy your life and who can see that you’re available for work.

As an employer, when you join Velju you have access to thousands of valuable workers across Europe. Velju interface allows you to see a list of the potential workers and choose the one that is likely the best candidate.

It is up to you to initiate the communication, explain more about business and position and discuss if the candidate is interested in the opportunity.
Within seconds, choose the best match and get back to your business.

With Velju, there is no risk of losing money or time.
Only when a candidate answers a message, employers will be charged 5 credits (approximately about 5€) – nothing more, nothing else.

That is absolutely all.

Simply Veljuable.

And exactly this is the core of Velju – the app and web solution Kristina set up with a team of experts and feels the pride to share with all those looking for a job or workers across Europe.

One more thing: we would highly appreciate it if you could keep your attention on Velju and share your feedback with us, and we will do our best to optimize. We’re here to build a community of those focused on improving their skills and getting the work done.