Can Waitresses Wear Makeup

Who doesn’t like to dress pretty?! However, waitresses usually have it more difficult than others because of the fixed dress code provided by their place of work. If you’re a waitress, you probably have a lot of questions: What kind of makeup to wear? How? When? So let’s answer them for you!

What Kind of Makeup Can Waitresses Wear?

It is preferred that waitresses don’t go with anything that’s too dark or involves much black as they are supposed to look helpful and happy. Also, make sure to use a good make-up base as you might not have time for frequent touch-ups. Keep that dramatic look for after your shift!

Don’t Overdo the Make-up

The ‘no-makeup makeup look’ is the best makeup for a waitress. Keep your makeup toned down and natural. Make sure to keep your foundation very close to your natural tone, and don’t include any shimmers in the overall look. You should also tone down the highlighter to give a more natural glow.

Waitress make up

Fake Lashes

It’s usually recommended that for a natural look, you should avoid using fake lashes. But if you still wish to, make sure of their quality. We all know customers who fuss about the hair in their food; imagine the havoc when one of them finds fake lashes in their dish! So make sure that your lashes are perfectly stuck on whenever you put them.

Here’s a classic from waitressing tips and tricks for beginners that can make your lashes stick longer and better: Don’t put the glue on and put them on immediately. Let the glue semi-dry for a few seconds, and then put them on. Easy and better results!

You can also add some blush to cover up your face if you’re working longer hours. Another one of the waitressing tips and tricks for beginners would include concealer! According to Cosmo, under-eye concealers can be a life-saver to hide those dark circles.

Waitressing makeup

Do you get more tips if you wear makeup?

If you are thinking about how to get tips at work, then wearing subtle makeup might just be the trick. Let’s dive straight into the facts! There is an actual study undertaken in France that concluded that about 50% more men tipped the waitresses higher when they were wearing waitressing makeup.

Summing it up

So here are all the details you need to know about waitressing makeup! If you are a beginner or just wondering how to be a better waitress, don’t worry. Just go in with all your confidence, positive vibes, give it your best with some good service, and you’ll be fine! If you’re looking for a gig, Velju can help you out. It simplifies the process of hiring – finding a job as a waitress will be a piece of cake. Happy waitressing!

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