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Being a delivery driver is a quite popular job nowadays. Delivery driver responsibilities require a punctual person that is good with navigation for the packages to arrive when and where they’re supposed to.

Keep reading to find out what makes a great delivery driver and how to get a job as a delivery driver.

What does a Delivery Driver do?

If you’re searching for the delivery driver job description, you will see that there are many different versions of it, depending on the items you’d be delivering.

Typically, delivery drivers are employed in corporations, food delivery services, warehouses, etc. Depending on the goods they are transporting, differs the job description.

Their main job is to be a safe driver, deliver the goods on time and collect payments if necessary.

Sometimes they need to communicate with the customers to collect signatures when needed.

Some delivery jobs include loading and unloading the cargo, as well as performing basic truck maintenance.

Delivery Driver

How to become a Delivery Driver?

To become a delivery driver, you will first need to have a driver’s license and usually a high school diploma. Depending on the company and the type of cargo you will transport, you will get the required training.

For example, if you work for a food service company, you will need to comply with safety laws for that industry.

Many delivery driver jobs require no experience but it is good to be prepared beforehand, to stand out from the other potential candidates.

Try to get familiar with using navigation systems, be physically able for loading and unload possibly heavy cargo, and show that you’re punctual by coming to the job interview a bit sooner than you needed to.

If you are interested how to choose the right driver education read this blog.

Duties and responsibilities

The most important duty you will have is to drive safely and be a responsible member of the traffic. That means being well-rested, calm and patient while driving.

The next thing you will be responsible for is communicating with dispatchers, other drivers and your team members.

Meeting your delivery deadlines is also a crucial part of the job because nobody likes waiting for the delivery driver for hours.

One of the delivery driver duties is also knowing and performing basic maintenance of your delivery vehicle, whether it’s a truck or a scooter.

Duties of delivery driver

Delivery Driver Requirements

Here is a list of the most common delivery driver requirements:

  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • A driver’s license is valid in the state you want to work in
  • Additional licence if needed to operate certain vehicles
  • Experience might be preferred, but many jobs don’t require it
  • Great time management and navigation skills
  • A good physical shape as you’ll need to drive or walk for an extended period and lift heavy items
  • A clean driving record with no traffic violations and patience in traffic
  • Punctuality and good communication skills are crucial
  • Ability to operate forklifts and tractors

Skills and qualifications

As we already mentioned, for most of the delivery driver jobs you don’t need experience, but some basic skills and qualifications are important to have.

Except for the before-mentioned driver’s license, navigating skills and great time management, you need a clean driving record in most states.

Not only that, to stay safe while driving, you need to have great vision and hand-eye coordination.

For delivery drivers that work for international companies, a passport might be needed for crossing the border. Your physical shape and abilities are important because you will lift heavy cargo and you’re going to drive for a long time every day.

Do you want to be better at what you do? Read our blog and find out the qualities of a good driver.

Skills delivery driver

The average salary in Europe

Based on the delivery driver’s experience and location, the average salary might vary.  Also, it depends on which cargo you will transport.

Here is the list of average monthly salaries for truck drivers in some European countries:

  • Germany: 1,049€ per month
  • Austria: 1,060€ per month
  • Sweden: 1308€ per month
  • Norway: 1453€ per month
  • Italy: 1,420€ per month

Keep in mind that a food delivery driver and a driver that delivers internationally cannot have the same salary as the responsibilities and possible difficulties are different.

Also, your experience might influence the amount you will earn as a delivery driver.

Is it stressful to be a delivery driver?

Delivery driver roles and responsibilities might sound stressful at first and the job itself sometimes brings tensions, but every job nowadays does.

Being a delivery driver means you need to be accurate and well organised and if you’re lacking some skills it sure can get stressful. But, like with any other job – the more you learn, the better you do it. Sometimes you might encounter some unpleasant people, especially if you’re new at your job and maybe you run a bit late because you didn’t get the hang of it just yet.

But don’t let all that discourage you, it is a job like any other job. If you believe you will be an excellent delivery driver, you will be just that.

Stress comes and goes but if you invest in yourself, in your knowledge and your skills, you will become a pro in no time.

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