Hotel Driver

Does the idea of interacting with people from different walks of life and a career in hospitality interest you? Do you have a solid grasp of driving and navigating the roads of your city? Have you been told that you treat everyone in a polite manner and make people comfortable? Congratulations! You meet the most important requirements in a hotel driver job description.

Also known as a chauffeur, a shuttle driver, or a valet driver, a hotel driver takes care of the transportation of the hotel guests. From the moment they arrive in the city till their journey ends, a shuttle driver helps them navigate the local roads and explore the region’s culture.

What does a Hotel Driver do?

As a successful driver at a hotel, your primary responsibility is to help the hotel guests in commuting. Occasionally, you may have to drive the hotel staff around for various purposes. Apart from this, a shuttle driver might have to run certain errands as mentioned by the superiors.   

Safe driving and compliance to road and traffic rules are always a part of the valet driver’s job. Regular maintenance of the vehicle and matters related to it also falls on the shoulders of the valet driver.  

Hotel driver duties

Duties and Responsibilities

For a hotel shuttle driver, a job description is not extensive but the few requirements have to be met diligently. To begin with, the applicant must be a skilled driver who respects road etiquette without compromising the safety of the passengers. Experience in similar roles and a valid driving license are important to ensure this. The shuttle driver must be able to make the passengers feel comfortable, this is important because in most cases, the hotel driver is the first employee of the hotel that the guests meet. 

As a driver, education levels of high school diploma should suffice but a firm grasp over languages can facilitate conversations with the passengers. The hotel driver should be well informed about the landmarks in the locality and should have enough knowledge in assisting the hotel guests to reach their destinations. A candidate for this post should be able to maintain the vehicle they are provided with. Along with the upkeep of the vehicle, they should also keep a clear record of the timings and purposes the vehicle was used, any tickets, or incidents during the trip. 

Another duty that the hotel driver has to overlook is regarding the guest’s luggage. If needed, they should be able to assist the guest in carrying the packages, transport them safely from the information desk, and ensure the safety of the luggage while on the trip. Additionally, the ability to give the hotel guest any information regarding places of attraction as well as the hotel’s facilities and amenities can improve customer relations. 

Hotel Driver

The average salary in Europe

The base salary of a shuttle driver in Europe comes up to €35,000 a year. The pay package may vary depending on the responsibilities you take care of and your performance with the customers.

Do hotel shuttle drivers in Europe get a tip?

Compared to other countries like the USA, hotel drivers in Europe tend to make more tips based on their behaviour. If you maintain a pleasant air throughout the journey and carry out any extra tasks as per the customer’s request, you may earn more tips.


With the right training and proper driving skills, you can easily become a successful driver at a hotel. Being open to input from the passengers and keeping up a healthy channel of communication with the superiors can make your career as a hotel driver successful.

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