The qualities of a good driver

Are you a good driver? Every person with a driving licence thinks they are a great driver, but in reality, not many people can check everything off this list. 

Responsible driving takes more than just knowing how to drive a car, you need to be armed with patience, skills and knowledge to be sure you won’t make mistakes or cause accidents.

Keep reading and find out if you’re a good driver or you need to work on a few things.

Focus and calm

Whether you are a professional driver or not, you need to be focused on the road and everything around it. It takes a millisecond to make a mistake, and those mistakes often cost much. And we are not talking about money here.

You need to focus on driving and nothing else. That means no phone calls, no messaging and no distractions whatsoever. 

Alertness is the key because not everyone on the road is a good driver and sometimes you have to be extra alert to avoid other people’s mistakes.

That brings us to another key trait of a good driver: calmness. A calm driver stays calm no matter what happens. 

Sometimes you’ll encounter someone who drives slower than the speed limit and you might want to start honking or swearing but keep in mind that it won’t change a thing. You’ll just end up annoyed and your focus will drop.

So, next time you encounter a horrible driver, whether he drives slowly or like a lunatic, it’s crucial for you to stay calm and not let it ruin your mood. Road rage is becoming more common these days and road ragers are not good drivers.

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Calm and focus driver

Patience and security

Your driving knowledge can go down the drain if you lose your patience while driving. As we mentioned, road ragers are not good drivers and road rage causes a lot of accidents.

Patience goes hand in hand with calmness, so if you’re stuck behind someone slow, or you get stuck behind a truck that goes a bit too slow for your liking, don’t just start overtaking like a maniac, especially if there’s a sign telling you not to.

Overtaking in dangerous places caused a lot of fatal accidents. It is better to drive slowly behind a truck for a few miles than risk the lives of you and other traffic members.

Another important factor is the security of you and everybody else in your car. Safety should come first and you should make sure everyone wears a seatbelt. Following all safety practices and traffic rules is crucial to avoid mistakes and accidents.

A good driver follows the rules and reacts fast because they are focused, calm and present. They don’t use phones and they care for the safety of everyone in the car and around it.

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Patience and security


When driving alone or with someone, you are responsible for many lives. A good driver always drives carefully because he knows that it takes a second of inattention for bad things to happen.

You need to be self-aware and take absolute responsibility for your actions while driving. A good driver will not drive through a red light nor will he speed on roads he isn’t supposed to.

A responsible driver is aware of the fact that there are children that could run on the street and speeding can be the reason for an accident.

A responsible driver knows his limits, will not drive when tired and follows the rules. He or she is aware that driving a car can be dangerous not only for those in his car but for everyone that comes around it.

Being a good driver means that you are aware of your bad habits and you strive to overcome them. A responsible driver is a safe driver before everything else.

Responsible driver

Mechanical and maintenance knowledge

Being a good driver isn’t all about knowing how to drive and change gears. Except for following all the safety precautions and staying calm and responsible, you should have some mechanical knowledge.

That means knowing some basic functions of your car and being able to recognize when something is off with your car.

If your engine starts sounding funny or acts in a different way, you should be able to recognise the signals on the control board or check the oil and water levels. 

Also, you should know how to change a tire because not every time will you be able to get help.

Another important factor that makes a good driver is regular maintenance of the vehicle so it is less likely it will break down on the road.

That means having your car serviced every year and filling up the tank before it goes empty.

With all that being said, are you a good driver or do you need to step up your game?

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Mechanical and maintenance knowledge

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