You’re about to start a new job as a waiter but are worried about the fact that you have no experience? Don’t be – there are many simple waitressing tips that can help you adapt to your new role in no time and show you how to be a good waitress or a waiter.

Set a few minutes aside to read this article, and you will feel much more confident and prepared when heading to your first day at work.

What should a first-time waiter know?

The most important thing you should know as a waitress or a waiter is, obviously, the menu. Do your best to memorize it as quickly as possible because that way you will be able to provide a much better and faster service to your customers.

However, apart from learning the menu by heart, there are things you should know about behaving at the workplace and communicating with your customers and colleagues.

Meet the team

Try to get to know the team you’ll be working with and build a sense of camaraderie with them when you first come in (after finding the job on Velju, of course). Building good relations with the people you work with is important in any workplace because it makes coming to work a much more pleasant experience, but if you’re a waiter or a waitress, this becomes even more important.

Keeping your customers satisfied is a team effort, and everyone has to participate, from the guys at the back to the people at the front. Besides, there WILL come a time when you need help with something. Keep a positive attitude to the rest of the team, and this help will always come.

Waiter team

Be honest

Be honest with your customers if your place is packed and they have to wait for the food a bit, that’s one of the most important waitressing tips. An overwhelming majority of them will be understanding and won’t cause you any problems.

People will have much more patience if they are kept in the loop than if you don’t tell them how things stand. Even if their meal is taking a bit longer than usual, people will appreciate it if you come over and apologize. Just show that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Be professional

No matter how annoying or rude a customer is, always do your best to keep your cool and stay professional. Remember, you are representing the whole restaurant in your every interaction with guests, and the people who come to your establishment have to feel good in your presence.

If you can remain professional and courteous no matter the kind of people at your table, there’s a good chance other people will notice that and reward you additionally in the form of a higher tip.

Don’t let a bad day affect your performance at work, don’t let rude people get under your skin, and you just might be surprised how much other customers will appreciate that.

Proffesional waiter

Be kind and collegial

Kindness, kindness, and kindness. Those are the three things you will need to bring to work with you every single day. As mentioned in the previous part of this article, you need to be professional to your customers, but if you can sprinkle that with a little kindness, you will greatly improve your chances for a bigger tip.

Not to mention that people will want to come back to your restaurant again.

Try to treat your colleagues the same way, too. Help with what you can to make things go smoother, and other people will jump in when you need help, as well. That’s especially important among waiters.

You’re a part of a team, remember?

Wear appropriate clothes

As we’ve said, you as a waiter or a waitress are representing the whole restaurant. You are the one with whom customers will interact the most, so do your best to look presentable and professional.

Your clothes should be clean and properly ironed, and waitresses should also refrain from wearing a lot of jewellery and makeup. Additionally, it’s recommended that waitresses also pull their hair back in a bun or a ponytail if the hair is long. You certainly don’t want any hairs in your customer’s meal.

Last but not least, pay special attention to the shoes you wear. They should be as comfortable as possible because you will be spending most of your day on your feet.

Appropriate waiter clothes


So, if you’re a waiter with no experience, don’t worry – the waitressing tips in this article should be more than enough to help you get accustomed to your job quickly and perform your duties as is expected of you.

Remember one thing, though: working in a restaurant is a team effort, so do your best to help the whole team shine and build strong relationships with your colleagues. Help whenever you can, and others will help you too when you need it, all in the name of providing your customers with the best possible service.

Be kind and professional, do your best to look the part too, and always be honest with the guests in your restaurant. This is how to be a good waiter or waitress.

Sure, some rude guests may always come, but if you retain your professionalism and composure, other guests will see you for what you are – a great and hard-working waiter. Plus, you’ll always have a team that supports you. Good luck!


Yes, of course you can. Just prepare yourself appropriately for the role, and you’ll be fine. Do your best to become a part of the team and help your colleagues whenever they need it, try to memorize the menu as quickly as possible, and always be kind and professional towards the customers that come in.

Remember that you as a waiter are representing your whole restaurant, so it’s important to look good, too. In a way, you are the face of your restaurant, so dressing appropriately is very important.

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