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Being a nurse is a very special job that requires a caring person that can handle sometimes difficult duties. If you are dreaming about becoming a nurse and you’re looking into being an ER nurse, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s article, we’re talking about everything you need to know about being an ER nurse.

What does an ER Nurse do?

Being an emergency nurse requires working in an often stressful environment that is usually fast-paced. Working in an emergency room demands a unique set of skills that are much more than the standard nursing skills.

When looking at an ER nursing job description, you will usually find the same skills needed.

ER nurses duties include treating patients who suffer from trauma, injury or some severe medical condition that requires immediate treatment.

This kind of crisis requires nurses to be able to quickly identify the best way to stabilize the patient and reduce pain while staying calm.

It is common that ER nurses to evaluate and treat patients at the same time, working alongside a team of specialists, like radiologists or orthopaedic experts, in order to provide the highest-quality medical care.

Not every shift is hectic and unpredictable, so when there are no emergencies, ER nurses perform other duties such as preparing the rooms and updating health records.

When working as an ER nurse, you will encounter various conditions, from mild like a sore throat, to a critical one like a heart attack. Some of the most common conditions treated by ER nurses are abdominal pain, upper-respiratory infections, strains or sprains, superficial injuries and chest pan.

ER Nurse

What are the duties of an ER nurse?

Being an ER nurse requires someone who is very organized, compassionate and hard-working. They need to remain calm under pressure and have sound decision-making skills.

Emergency room nurse duties and responsibilities include:

  • Being ready to respond quickly
  • Being able to quickly assess patient needs
  • Being equipped to deal with a medical emergency
  • Knowing how to deal with critical injuries, allergic reactions and trauma
  • Being able to perform minor medical operations
  • Cleaning wounds and drawing blood
  • Maintaining care standards of an emergency room
  • Being able to assist with insurance paperwork
  • Being able to ensure the efficiency of the patient check-in progress
  • Having strong decision-making skills in emergencies

Keep in mind that often time you will be required to multi-task, as there will be many responsibilities that will require your attention at the same time. Another duty that you will have to keep in place is having healthy coping skills. As some experiences may be overwhelming, you have to make sure that you know how to handle them, because your mental health is equally important.

Depending on the place of work (for example, flight nurses, on search and rescue teams or in urgent care facilities), the duties of an ER nurse might differ. There are many job options for an ER nurse, as it doesn’t require you to work in emergency rooms only.

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ER Nurse duties

What skills do you need to be an ER nurse?

If you are thinking of becoming an ER nurse, there is a specific set of skills that you need to have or work on. ER nursing skills are the clinical, relational, and administrative skills that you need to develop in order to work effectively.

As we mentioned before, working in an ER is going to be stressful and fast-paced, so the ER nurses need to be highly trained professionals that work quickly and efficiently.

Let’s discuss the clinical skills first. As ER nurses encounter many different medical conditions, it is crucial to have a broad foundation of clinical knowledge and understand some basic procedures.

Some of those procedures are taking vital measurements, inserting IVs, drawing blood, preparing patients for medical procedures, telemetry, and basic life support/advanced cardiovascular life support.

Relational skills are the second most important, and without them, you can’t be a good nurse. They include interpersonal relationships and working through emotions.

It is crucial to maintain composure and focus despite distractions, and to be able to continue to provide care despite an emotionally-charged atmosphere that might occur.

It is of utmost importance for an ER nurse to be compassionate, empathetic, friendly, and patient.

Administrative skills are also very valuable in the ER nurse job position. Being able to manage their time effectively is the top priority, as many duties will be time-sensitive. Understanding how long will a task take and how to prioritize is a big part of an ER nurse’s day. They should also be able to handle basic administrative skills like assisting with the insurance paperwork.

ER Nurse Skills

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It is of utmost importance for an ER nurse to be compassionate, empathetic, friendly, and patient.

The average salary of ER nurse is different in every European country. For example, the country that pays the most for ER nursing jobs is Luxembourg with an average salary being EUR 80,727. Next on the list is Denmark with an average salary of EUR 77,565. Switzerland offers the third-highest salary for ER nurses in Europe, with an average of EUR 57,478.

And of course, the salary will also depend on the position you will be working at and your level of experience.

A good emergency room nurse is a calm, professionally trained individual that works well under pressure and has the ability to quickly identify and care for their patients. A good ER nurse is empathetic, friendly and has a broad knowledge of various medical conditions. Being a good ER nurse also means that you are a great teammate and you function well with others. And the most important of all, a good ER nurse loves helping others and loves their job.

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